About me

Since I can remember, I have loved all things to do with personal development – learning, growing and pushing myself to try things out of my comfort zone.  And I think this is becoming even more vital than it’s been in the past.  The world and economy are evolving exponentially, in an exciting and uncertain way.  One thing’s for sure though: our kids will grow up having to deal with a whole new way of working and making a living.  This means that we can’t help them prepare by using the same attitudes, techniques and experiences that worked for us.

Opportunities for earning a living (particularly doing what you love) are opening up like never before but we need to prepare our kids to be ready to make the most of them.  This is what I’m really interested and excited about.  I admit that I’m experimenting (my poor guinea-pig children) but isn’t parenting generally one big experiment?  We’ve no firm idea if what we’re doing is right until they’re out the house and are flying solo or have landed in jail.  Like other parents, I just try to do what I feel is right for them and have some fun in the process.

I also believe that kids learn the most from seeing their parents and close grown ups “walking the talk” and so that’s what I am doing too – opening myself up to this brave new world of opportunity.  I don’t know how I’m going to do it but that’s what I’m figuring out as I go.  Just like being a parent.


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