How to change your habits by taking ridiculously small steps

Confucius was right: “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop”

Wow. I have been away for a while. The past couple of months have been pretty busy for me. Mostly, I’ve been working on getting my two pet projects up and running:

  • Stories Unspun – where I’ve been publishing my story “The Extraordinary Reality of Ella Rove” one post at a time alongside narration by Elena, aged 11. Have a look and leave me a comment about what you think 
  • Times Like Ours – this is a venture I’m trying out with my friend Harriet. We were looking for a space to discuss what it’s like to live and work in times like ours, and not finding it, we decided to create our own. We’ve been holding evenings in Edinburgh on all sorts of topics like the place of art in everyday life and the upcoming “are we obsessed by the pursuit of happiness?” But we’re just as keen to hear your thoughts wherever you are in the world so have a look at our FB page.

Back in January, I decided to change one habit a month for 2014.  In January I wanted to change how I used technology. While I managed to implement something like inbox zero, I still spend far too much time on social media. In February, I simply wanted to drink more water. How hard can that be? Pretty darn hard as it turns out.  So, true to what I said in that post, after failing for the second month (out of two!) in a row, I reviewed my goals and approach.  As I reviewed Continue reading