Enjoying the small things in life

As part of our manifesto, we chose to enjoy the small things in life.  I thought I’d share one example of this when Jude and I spent a nice hour earlier this week drawing together. Usually I help the kids set up their drawing things at the kitchen table so I can get on with the dishes or cleaning or some other boring task. But I was in a strange mood and needed to do something to lighten it.  The kids had become obsessed with cracking nuts – a task their granny had just taught them. It’s probably a combination of the noise and mess it makes.  I don’t think they’ve ate any of them but I’ve been stepping on pieces of broken shell all week. Not nice with bare feet :0

As a way of taking his mind off cracking every single nut in the bowl, I started drawing round the empty shells to make animals like tortoises and crabs.  He joined in and after a while we got really creative, fishing for nuts… (extra points for correct guesses of what they are :))
Fishing for nuts (2)

After that there was no stopping us.  I think we came into our finest hour creating evil fruit in the fruit bowl…
Evil fruit (2)

The photo doesn’t do it justice.  We drew faces on some of the nuts too.  I tell you, if you have any trouble getting your kids to eat fruit, get some edible dye and draw faces on them.

We’ve only got one left.  There’s been a satsuma massacre in our kitchen.


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