How to create a family manifesto. Step 2: Finalising it (but that’s not the end of it)

Hello there strangers.  I haven’t posted anything in a while.  We had some very bad news last week which has rocked the whole family and put most plans on hold for a while.  However, my 30 day challenge finishes today and I want to have an end product to show for it.  And here it is.  Our completed manifesto!

Family Manifesto - poster for blog

Below are the steps we took to finish it.  After the kids had their input,it was pretty straightforward:

  1. I took what the kids had come up with, and everything I had read on the subject of preparing for the future workplace and making a living from doing what you love, and condensed it into a list of words/phrases.
  2. I shared this list with my husband, fellow 30 day challengers and a select few people who write on this subject and who I admire.  I got a good response with some really helpful suggestions and a lot of encouragement, including one from – still can’t believe I’m going to say it – Seth Godin!! (in case you haven’t realised that I am a total Godin groupie, see here and here)
  3. Then I came up with the final list – this was easier than I thought once I got over one stumbling block.  That there was never going to be a perfect list.  In sharing the list, I was hoping for some validation that I was creating a perfect guide.  But I was struck by the number of people who said that it was up to me to decide what was right.  ME??  What the hell do I know about this stuff?!  Not that much but, when I thought about it, the same could be said about a lot of things and I seem to manage ok.  So I took a deep breath, took charge and finalised the damn list.
  4. One final check with the kids and my hubby and it was onto the design stage.  I loved this bit which I was a little surprised at.  It was quite fiddly and took longer than I thought.  I had never used Publisher either so had to figure all that out too.  But I got there in the end.
  5. Then I got it printed up to A1 size (at a printers shop in town) and framed it with the help of my dad.  Total cost £32.  Not half bad I thought for a custom made poster 🙂

Some of the words and phrases are quite grown up but I liked the idea of explaining them as part of the learning process for all of us – I’ve already had quite a few conversations with my daughter about “Done is better than perfect”.

Guilty footnote: I ended up taking the essence of what the kids had put in their own posters rather than using them word for word, much to Mischa’s annoyance.  She wanted “You can do more than you think you can”.  On hindsight, I meant to include it but events overtook the proofing of the final list and so here we have it.  I’m trying to let go and make peace with a less than perfect product as per above 😉

And it’s written on paper, not in stone after all.  We’ll probably want to re-write it in a few years as the kids grow and we meet different challenges.

So now on to the hard part – putting it into action.  Many of the statements are inter-related and so I’ve come up with a few draft themes (i.e. I reserve the right to change them as I think more about this, he he):

  • Practice well-being
  • Be brave
  • Be creative
  • Understand people
  • Understand money
  • Enjoy life!

I’ve got a few ideas of things to do under each e.g. giving the kids more responsibility, making a decision about pocket money, looking at different ways of helping people.  And Steven came up with a cracker.  Seeing if we can help Mischa achieve her dream of working in Airport Security so she can look in people’s bags.  It’s been her dream since she was four.  If anyone has any ideas on how we can make that happen please let me know!!

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