The 30 Day Challenge – developing my new business idea in 30 days while staying sane

I am super-excited today as I am about to embark on a 30 day challenge with Screw Work, Let’s Play. The idea behind it is that we all have things we’d like to accomplish but never quite get round to doing anything about them – life gets in the way. I’ve been feeling a bit stuck about where I go from here and so I’m hoping that this will get me going again and hold me accountable to actually producing something by 30 November.

It will be a good test of “when the going gets tough” too as November is going to be horrendously busy. Here’s my high level To-Do list:
• Deliver a huge project at work by the end of the month
• Remember to enrol Jude in primary school (already?!)
• Get my arse in gear with Christmas shopping (which takes a certain kind of stamina in our family – probably more on that in future posts)
• Keep up with all the ‘normal’ stuff like making sure the kids get to where they need to go, with what they need to do it, that there’s food in the house and we have clean clothes… yada-yada.
• Plan our anniversary trip to Reykjavik at the end of the month (we only have flights and the hotel figured out).

Most important of all however is that we are expecting the arrival of two new babies into the family which is majorly exciting.

In truth though, I suspect that if I’d chosen any other month to do this, there would be just as many hurdles or excuses. So I’ve decided to seize the opportunity and I’m committed to getting as much out of it as I can, to the benefit, hopefully, of my whole family.

In preparation, I am enacting what a good friend of mine calls a “stay sane” plan. This involves doing something that I am not very good at – asking for help. I tend, like a lot of other mums and women, to take on the world which can, if you’re not careful, grind you down and make you resentful. In most areas, Steven and I each do our fair share – he cooks, I make sure we have food; he cleans the kitchen, I do the bathrooms. But, he agrees [I got him to vet this post] that I pay more attention to the details that make sure our lives run as smoothly as they can. Like ensuring we have the right currency and know where we’re going when we get to Reykjavik. And so, in a bit of role-reversal, Steven has agreed to sort all that out – much to my delight and slight trepidation.

There will be other things over the month that I will need to ask for help on and the control freak in me may rear its ugly head. But I want to get the most out of this 30 day challenge and so have acknowledged that if I were to try to do everything myself, I would end up doing none of it very well. Plans for Reykjavik may end up coming down to the wire (that’s Steven’s preferred way of working), and who knows what we’ll end up doing, but I know that whatever happens, we will have a fantastic time. And I will hopefully arrive there more serenely, with a new business venture under my belt, than if I had tried to do everything myself.

We were asked to write our 30 day challenge idea down in 10 words or less. I think mine resonates with what I’ve talked about in this and other posts. This is what I’ve come up with:

Parents coaching programme – role models for our future working children.

What do you think? Would you be interested in something like this? Even if you don’t have children, we can all be role models to the kids we know. Something to think about…

So the challenge starts tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 


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